Virtual Private Servers

BirchenallHowden’s Virtual Private Servers are partitions of physical servers securely housed in UK data centres. They operate in exactly the same way as a conventional server, but their hardware capabilities can be scaled up or down depending on specific requirements.

Add to this an array of installation, management and consultancy services from BirchenallHowden and you have everything you need to ensure your virtual servers are set up smoothly and stay up reliably.

Server Colocation

We have partnered with South Yorkshire’s premier Tier 3 data centre to offer individual server colocation services in a facility more often used by companies with full or multiple racks. Customers can start with as little as 1U and benefit from 24 / 7 secure monitoring, UPS power protection, fire suppression solutions and high level perimeter fencing, ensuring the security and reliability of critical systems.

We also offer an array of relocation, installation and consultancy services to ensure a smooth setup or transition.


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