Many of us think of 'the cloud' as a relatively new idea, especially as it’s only been in the last few years that commercial companies have started to implement cloud services. Tech giants offering cloud syncing across devices and various hosting companies providing cloud storage have popularised the term, but 'the cloud' is so much more and has been around for much longer than you might expect.

Know Your History

We loved this post from the guys at Techdept summarising the history of cloud computing, starting right at the beginning over 50 years ago! In “What the Hell is Cloud?”, Techdept's Technical Director, Rick Grundy, gives a concise account of how 'the cloud' has developed and how it is currently being used.

The cloud is many things. It is a network that spans the globe over land and under the sea. It is hundreds of thousands of machines that process data, buildings full of them, built to fail without losing data. It is people servicing these machines to make sure they run 24/7.


Although its name suggests something conceptual rather than physical, the cloud is tangible. Cloud provider companies control dedicated servers to house data, applications and processing power which can be accessed by multiple users from anywhere in the world (providing you have an internet connection). This allows you to save space on your own computers and devices and upgrade or downgrade as you need to.


Is It Right for You?

The cloud has many uses and if you’d like to find out if it is right for you or your business, or how you can make the most of the services available, then you might be interested in 'Demystifying the Cloud', a free breakfast event in Sheffield on 19th July. The event will feature a number of speakers discussing their experience with the cloud and answering your questions.

Full details and booking information can be found here.