We asked some of the BHL team to share with us their top tech tips, so here's what they came up with...

Always Have a Good Backup - Jason Ede

My top tech tip is to always have good backup. A good backup is one that does proper versioning, with the simplest being the grandfather, father, son system. This is essential to protect against things such as accidentally overwriting that important document or the encryption Trojans/viruses. Backups should always be done for important mobile devices and tablets too.

At least backup your photos and contacts (although most devices now store contacts online anyway) so that if lost, stolen, dropped down the toilet then you've not lost the only picture you had of great Aunt Edna. Apple devices have the iCloud backup, which is well worth paying for and there are similar built-in backups for Android devices.

Lastly, always test your backup. The time to find out it isn't working is not when something has already hit the fan. Occasionally test the backup by restoring a copy of a random file and making sure you can open it. Also,don't forget to record any encryption keys and passwords.


Get a Password Manager - Joe Tonks

Increasingly, people have more and more online accounts – it’s tempting and convenient to use the same password for each of them. The idea of password managers is not a new one, but with even large corporations like Sony having customer data stolen these days it helps to have frequently changing, secure passwords. It also helps to be able to remember them!

I would recommend mSecure because it encrypts all of your logins but tasks you with backing them up to email or via cloud services like Dropbox. Alternatives like Lastpass are available that sync passwords automatically to their cloud, but if they have your passwords and the encryption keys to read them then who’s to say there isn’t some big security blunder going to affect them at some point?

Get a password manager, and while you’re at it - change your email account password!

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts - Jon Guest

My top tip would be to learn keyboard shortcuts for programmes and apps that you use everyday. It’s easy to overlook but makes things so much simpler and quicker!

To get started, take a look at these Windows shortcuts and these OS X shortcuts.