After our last post about Google Glass, and the conversations going on surrounding privacy issues, we’ve been pondering whether there could be something more sinister at work. We knew it was only a matter of time before the conspiracy theorists emerged, claiming that Glass is an intricate network of government controlled security cameras, or something similar. After a brief search, we couldn’t find any such theories, but then again, Google could be controlling that too.

A Few Favourites

We did, however, come across this collection of technological conspiracies. Favourites include the notion that the CIA have funded Facebook, leading to speculation that they are keeping tabs on users without their knowledge or permission. There’s an…ahem… interesting take on it here.

Another great theory is that digital television boxes contain cameras and microphones to spy on unsuspecting TV viewers. Others believe that digital signals are used for brainwashing and subliminally advertising. The concerns are justified, but it’s the 'extra ideas' that get tagged on that make them laughable.

What are your favourite tech conspiracies? Heard any early worries about Glass?