The State of Sheffield 2017.jpg

Earlier this week, Neill Birchenall attended the launch of the State of Sheffield 2017 report.

The annual report, which was established in 2012, describes what’s happening in Sheffield, how things are, how the city compares with other UK cities and how things are changing. The aim is to inform residents and anyone interested how the city is performing and how we can help develop Sheffield and take advantage of opportunities. 

The launch was well attended, and featured talks and discussion from a number of prominent organisations from Sheffield. Neill, who was at the event, said:

“It was great to see so many people in attendance and engaging in discussion about Sheffield. The State of Sheffield report is not only an interesting insight into the city for it’s residents, but also a useful tool for businesses and organisations looking to overcome some of the issues faced in Sheffield, and capitalise on future trends. 

It’s encouraging to see how far the State of Sheffield report has come since 2012, and the growing interest year on year shows the potential it has to become an important fixture in the Sheffield calendar”.

You can read this year’s State of Sheffield report on the Sheffield First Partnership website, along with every other report from previous years.