Technology is no longer a niche interest or a plaything for the young. As electronic equipment and devices become more affordable, and we become more reliant on technology in our everyday lives, it becomes more desirable (and necessary) for a wider variety of people. Older generations are adopting technology and becoming more confident in making electronics purchases, where before they may have been reluctant. That said, the young will still be teaching the old for a while yet…

Bagging Bargains
Don’t believe us? Just you wait until your dad gets himself a new bargain Kindle Fire in the Black Friday sales. Don’t say we didn’t warn you when your grandma calls you asking why the scart lead won’t fit into the HDMI port on her new TV (that she picked up half price from the supermarket while doing her grocery shopping). Yep, that’s right, the fine American tradition that sees consumers queueing in the early hours to get their hands on big discounts has made it over to these shores, and only looks set to get bigger. It is estimated that this year’s Black Friday will see 22% more cash spent than the same period last year as more and more people jump on massive savings, particularly on electrical goods.

Low Spec Tech
The need for affordable technology is obvious, and Black Friday is evidence of that. When you see people fighting in supermarkets trying to pry reduced price TVs out of someone else’s hands it becomes obvious that many are desperate for cheap tech. It isn’t just discounted tech that is pulling in punters either; more and more retailers have recognised the market for budget tech and are stocking lower specification devices for a fraction of the price of their high profile counterparts. Take Hudl for example. Tesco have been stocking these low end tablets to appeal to the casual user. For those that don’t need a high powered, top spec model like an iPad, the Hudl is ideal. Hudls have proven so popular that even Aldi have started stocking their own competitor models for as little as £80! There is certainly a market for low specification, low cost tech, and maybe this is where the older generation will find their way in…

Catching Up
When you hear stories like the five year old boy from Coventry that recently passed the Microsoft exam, you realise how young our children are being exposed to technology. More games and apps for tablets and phones are being made specifically for the very young, and from an early age children are becoming familiarised with user interfaces (the same UI’s that baffle older generations). A lot of this is perhaps anecdotal, but for a long time older people have been left behind by technology. William Shatner apparently agrees too, as his latest venture is a Kickstarter campaign for a new book entitled “Catch Me Up”. In this book Shatner aims to help older generations to adopt new technology and use it to their advantage. Perhaps it’s pricing, or maybe technology has advanced too quickly for the more mature market to catch up. Either way, affordable tech provides a more accessible way for older generations to get to grips with it, without having to pay large amounts of money for something they may not be able to use.

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We specialise in technology support, but we suspect that most of you reading this will at some stage been called on as first line tech support for someone in your family! With Black Friday, Christmas and the January Sales coming up, you’d better prepare yourself for phone calls from grandparents, aunties and uncles looking to you for help “fixing” their newest purchases…