The last few days have felt a little like the build up to Christmas at BHL towers as we patiently waited for the arrival of our batch of the iPhone 6. Wooping and cheering could be heard as the postman approached the office, arms full of brown boxes (we're not making that up). After the hysteria died down we decided to take a closer look at the design of the latest Apple device.

What struck us about the design of the iPhone 6 is how much of a leap it has taken from the 5 and 5s. Gone are the solid edges, replaced instead by a curved, sleek body. The protruding volume buttons have been taken in and slimmed down for longer, oval buttons. In fact, the appearance is much closer to the original iPhone (the first model) than it is to the more recent models.


Stretch the original iPhone out, and you almost get the design of the 6. Longer, wider and thinner than the original iPhone, it’s almost as if it was used as a base design. We have come full circle in terms of the design, but despite this the iPhone 6 does look and feel completely fresh.


It looks much simpler and cleaner. It feels much lighter to hold, and although its surface area is much bigger than anything we’ve seen from Apple before, in some respects it is less effort to handle.

The new design features along with the hardware upgrade and iOS 8 is certainly a step up from previous iPhones.