Festivities have begun, and Unravelling Tech HQ has started putting together their Christmas Wishlist. There are a number of big hitters in the bid for Christmas supremacy in electronics and technology, with the two front runners in direct competition with each other. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One will be on most Christmas lists this year, however (unless you’ve been VERY good this year) most will only be lucky enough to get one or the other. Needless to say one of them will be at the top of the most popular chart come Christmas day, but it’s still too early to predict which will draw in the higher sales.

If you’re still unsure which one to put on your list, we compared the Xbox One and PS4 a few weeks ago. Early analysis suggests Apple could do well out of the festive period too with iPhones and iPads among the most talked about products online.

Gadget Gifts

We can’t all get consoles and tablets though, and if you’re stuck for ideas for the technology lover in your life there are plenty of smaller gifts that are sure to satisfy. Here are my picks for a tech Christmas:

- Smartgloves

bluetooth gloves

In the cold winter months there’s not many things more frustrating than trying to answer a phone call with gloves on. This specially designed handwear uses conductive fibers in the finger tips to allow you to tap, swipe and pinch your screen while keeping your gloves on! What’s more the gloves can connect to your device using Bluetooth to allow you to take calls using speakers in the pinky finger and thumb. You might get a few looks from people in the street, but at least your fingers will be warm!

jawbone up

- Jawbone

We’re big fans of the UP wristband by jawbone, so much so that everybody in the office has one. This wristband tracks your movements, monitors sleep and records eating patterns to help you to live a healthy lifestyle. Working in conjunction with the UP app where you can record what you have eaten, jawbone allows you to analyse your daily activity and decide how you can improve. You can even set a vibrating alarm on your wristband to wake you up at the best time during your sleep cycle so you feel refreshed.

- iKettle


 Ok, you can buy a kettle for a couple of quid from any supermarket, but how about a kettle that wakes you up by asking if you want it to boil for you? The iKettle works just like a regular kettle, but is also operational via an app allowing you boil it from anywhere in the house. You can set alarms, hit snooze and keep the water warm and choose your desired temperature for different beverages. No stood around in a cold kitchen at 7am waiting for it to boil; turn it on from your bed and stay cost until it’s ready! The only downside is that it isn’t released til January. This one might have to be a belated gift!

- Bitcoin


You could shell out for some Marks & Spencers vouchers, or you could purchase the equivalent amount in Bitcoin. Not very festive, granted, but Bitcoin is taking off in a huge way. More and more businesses are beginning to accept Bitcoin as payment, and you aren’t just buying a gift, you’re buying an investment. Bitcoin has surged in value recently, and save for a few wobbles is still climbing steadily. The Bitcoin you buy this Christmas has the potential to double in value by next year. It should be said though, it could be extinct within 12 months too. Perhaps just stick to an iTunes giftcard…

Team Christmas Wish List

We asked around the team which tech gifts were on their wish lists this year,

Jo: I'd have to pick the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. It would be great for work; I could ditch my laptop for most tasks and get to do my job on a great little tablet. It would enable portability with reasonable performance, plus it comes with the bonus of getting to make the most of the Windows 8.1 touch interface. The Surface Pro 2 is only improved by the addition of the Touch Cover (keyboard), with does however add a hefty £65 - £110 onto the price tag. When looking at a total of £719 plus the Touch Cover, I may be aiming a bit high for Christmas.

Joe: One of the best tech gifts I've seen for this year is the Roku Box. You link it up to your TV and it gives you access to iPlayer, Netflix, Spotify and loads of other channels that you may miss out on if you've not got a SMART TV. It's not too expensive either; the models start from £49.99. Considering an Apple TV will set you back £99, it's a fairly competitive price tag. Another great feature is that you can download the free app on your phone allowing you to control the box pretty easily.


Source: iPhone, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Set to Top Christmas Gift Lists | The Drum