Christmas cheer is in full swing at BHL Towers and the team have been putting together their top tech items that they hope to find under the tree this year. Here's our list...


Ray Towle, Second Line Engineer, has a top-ticket item in mind for his wish list this year.

"I wouldn't mind a Sonos. They’re great for when you have loads of people round and want to just put some background music on. Of course – I also wouldn’t say no to the Sonos bar which connects to the TV either!"

Sonos is a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers which allow you to play anything in your digital music collection, controlled by your smartphone or tablet. When you buy Sonos, you also receive a free 1 year subscription to Deezer, unlimited access to any music (similar to Spotify).


Geek score: 4/10

Fun level: 5/10

Price point: 4/10


Our second item is brought to you by one of our Second Line Engineers, Joe Tonks. 

"I'm not holding my breath, but I would love a Roomba – one of those robot discs that roam around the house vacuuming. When they've finished cleaning they retrace their steps to get back to their charge pad ready for the next day. You can put up these infra-red walls to stop them going into certain rooms (and they’re clever enough not to fall down stairs!). Sure, they’re at least £300, but you’ll never need to vacuum your house again! They’re also transport for household pets..."

Geek score: 5/10

Fun level: 9/10

Price point: 3/10

iPhone 6

If you thought £300 for a vacuum cleaner was a pricey stocking filler, try a £500+ phone. That's what First Line Engineer Louise Essam has on her list.

"My tech Christmas wish list would definitely include an iPhone. As an avid Mac user I think it’s time I made the switch from Android so that I can sync my apps and calendars between devices more easily. I also second Ray's idea of a Sonos. Stereo sound in my bedroom would be awesome!"

An iPhone 6 was also on Simon Henry's wish list, he says "I'd like an iPhone 6, ready for Apple Pay whenever it arrives in the UK".


Geek score: 6/10

Fun level: 7/10

Price point: 4/10


Simon voted for the KeyDisk as one of his wish list items. The KeyDisk is a great way to carry your keys without having your pocket space consumed and can hold up to 6 keys.


Geek score: 3/10

Fun level: 1/10

Price point: 7/10

ROK Espresso Coffee Maker

This item, added to the wish list by ICT Consultant Jonathan Ford, is distinctly low tech. The ROK is a manual, non-electric espresso maker. If you're into coffee, you can find this espresso maker priced at £100 on Amazon.

Jonathan says, "after spending all day in front of a computer working through technical issues there is something very satisfying and relaxing about low tech - so this, with my combined love of coffee, is the perfect wind down this Christmas."


Geek score: 9/10

Fun level: 6/10

Price point: 2/10