Neill Birchenall spoke to BBC Radio Sheffield on the morning of Friday the 22nd January regarding the launch of the Sheffield Fair City Employer Charter.

As one of the first companies to sign up to the scheme, BirchenallHowden are committed to helping Sheffield become the fairest city in the country. The launch of the 5 point Employer Charter takes place on the 22nd January and recognises that championing fairness is important for the city and central to recruiting and retaining the most talented individuals to promote economic growth.

Fair Employers

Neill Birchenall said:

“We believe that creating an enjoyable work environment, high ethical standards and building a sense of community are just as important as fair pay. Not only will we uphold the Sheffield Fair City Employer Charter, but we will encourage other employers in Sheffield to do the same”.

More information can be found on Our Fair City’s website, and you can view the Sheffield Fair City Employer charter in full here.