Being a bit of a web techie you could say I’m a little bit biased, but I love the web! Combine problem solving, creativity and the fact that you have a constantly changing landscape and you’re in for a ride. More and more people are viewing the web on an ever increasing range of devices, and there have never been so many ways for potential customers to interact with your brand.

phone and laptop

Tablets, phones, laptops, Retina displays and smart TVs (watch this space) are all entry points to the web and gateways to your brand. But how do you cater for so many different screen sizes? Your website might look great on your laptop but what about your big monitor at work or your smaller phone?

There are a few ways you could approach it. You could scale a website down - but clicking on tiny links with your thumbs isn’t fun and the small text is hard to read. You could build an app - but with so many different devices the cost is soon going to add up; and even then you still haven’t tackled the website problem. Seems like a tricky situation.

Enter Responsive Design

When you really boil it down, you need a website that responds to each screen size. Viewing it on an iPhone? Let’s have something narrower with bigger text and rounded buttons. How about a tablet? We don’t need the site to be too different, but let’s move things around a little bit to better fit the space. On your massive monitor at work? Let’s take advantage of as much screen space as we can.

That’s where Responsive Design comes in. Responsive Design is an approach to web design that excels in optimising your site for any screen. Your website will literally rearrange itself for the best fit.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it. Check out the following responsive sites. If you’re on laptop or desktop try resizing your browser window to see the responsive designs in action. If you’re on a mobile phone or tablet try viewing it on a few different devices.

Responsive Design For All

It must be said that the best Responsive sites are built from the ground up, but did you know that existing sites can be made Responsive and that Responsive Design doesn’t have to cost the earth? Especially when you consider the cost of a specialised mobile and tablet site, you’ll really feel the savings and ensure that your customers get the best impression of your brand however they view your site. Next time you talk to your web developer ask them how Responsive Design could work for you.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now that you’ve seen Responsive Design in action - what do you think?

Whether you’re a techie who loves Responsive Design, or a small business owner looking for new ways to engage with your customers, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear more!

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