We’ve all used public WiFi at some point, but how often do you read the terms and conditions print before logging on?

It’s highly unlikely that everyone who connects to public WiFi reads through the pages and pages of terms and conditions before clicking “accept”, but recently, WiFi company Purple included a unique clause to demonstrate just how few people actually do read the T&Cs.

Checking The T&Cs

The “Community Service Clause” was added to Purple’s usual terms and stated:

“The user may be required, at Purple’s discretion, to carry out 1,000 hours of community service. This may include the following:

  • Cleansing local parks of animal waste
  • Providing hugs to stray cats and dogs
  • Manually relieving sewer blockages
  • Cleaning portable lavatories at local festivals and events
  • Painting snail shells to brighten up their existence
  • Scraping chewing gum off the streets”

22,000 people agreed to the T&Cs, and while Purple have said they thankfully won’t be making them take to the streets to scrape up gum, it highlights just how many people sign up for free WiFi without checking “what are they agreeing to, how much data are they sharing, and what license are they giving to providers”. A prize was offered to anyone who flagged up the Community Service Clause after reading the T&Cs, but just one person claimed it.

Stay Safe on Public WiFi

We have also warned of the perils of public WiFi previously, as open connections are vulnerable to security problems and malicious attacks. When using a public connection, be sure to take as many precautions as you can.