It’s the most wonderful time of the year – when every tech blog releases their annual gadget Christmas wish lists!

We’re no different. David, Joe and Louise discussed what they want to find in their stocking this Christmas on the Unravelling Technology podcast, so we thought we'd give you a glimpse at they were talking about…



The Recard is a greetings card that folds into a record player, complete with 7” vinyl record. Construct the card into a DIY record player, load up the record and spin with your finger. The card should then play a song. A cool idea, but you’ll probably spend more time assembling it than actually using it.

The NoPhone

Not strictly technology, but the perfect way of weaning someone off of their smartphone. Think nicotine patches for the person that’s always on their handset. The NoPhone website is pretty good too, a clear parody of Apple and the iPhone.


A truly incredible clock that uses magnetics and Ferro Fluid. Quite magical to look at, but the price is not quite so magic. At $8,300, this one might have to be a joint Christmas and Birthday present…


Connector Pen

Charging your devices on the go is becoming more and more troublesome, and carrying chargers and wires around everywhere is far from practical. Enter the Connector Pen. This gadget contains a micro USB and 8 pin charging adaptor, all inside a metallic pen. Oh yeah, you can write with it too.

Smarter Coffee Machine

Coffee = good. Mornings = bad. The problem is that morning happens before coffee. How do we solve this? A coffee machine that you can schedule! Wake up to freshly brewed coffee, and even control the machine from your own bed using the app. You can adjust the strength of coffee, see how much water is in the tank and receive reminders to fill it back up – All via your phone!


Smartphone Projector/Speaker

Turn your small screen into a big screen with this projector and speaker combo. Start the video playing on your smartphone, slot it into the cardboard projector and the lens will project it onto a larger surface. Plug the “surround sound” speakers in and you’ll (almost) feel like you’re in the cinema.


Sphero is a robotic ball that’s waterproof, plays games and can be controlled remotely from an app on your phone or tablet. Also, in the video, a bloke uses it to chat a girl up in the street. We’re not sure that would actually work in real life though.


You can listen to Joe, David and Louise talk about their Christmas wishlists and the perils of online shopping on episode 8 of the Unravelling Technology podcast.