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Motorola Job Cuts

Motorola, the once dominant mobile phone manufacturer, is set to let go 10% of its staff. That’s around 1,200 people. The Wall Street Journal reports that in an email sent to all their employees, the Google owned company claimed,

Costs are too high, we're operating in markets where we're not competitive and we're losing money.

The staff cut backs are most likely to affect the US, India and China, and will add to the 4,000 employees laid off half way through last year. Patrick Pichette, Google CFO, has said that Motorola’s upcoming products did not live up to Google’s high expectations, however, there are plans to release the ‘X phone’ which will become the flagship product for the ailing company. The Verge notes that “with an 18-month pipeline to work through first, it‘s likely to be a while before things start to look healthy”.

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Sources: Google's Motorola Unit to Cut 10% of Workforce; Wall Street Journal Google's Motorola to lay off a further 10 percent of its workforce; The Verge

Google Glass Out By The End Of The Year?

It used to be that Mac owners were called pretentious by PC users, but it seems they could well be passing on the torch of pretentiousness to Google Glass owners as soon as December 2013.  With Google stating that they hope to release their ambitious “wearable” computer by the end of the year, details of specialist apps are starting to surface. One that has caught the eye (no pun intended) is InSight, an app that identifies people simply by what they’re wearing. Once you have uploaded a picture of yourself, you are then recognisable by those using the app, as shapes, colours and patterns are stored and personally tagged, making you easier to spot in a crowd.

Although on the face of it (again, no pun intended) it seems a little self indulgent, New Scientist highlights the potential, such as aiding those with the neurological disorder Prosopagnosia, an affliction preventing the sufferer from being able to recognise faces. The opportunity for innovation is certainly there, we can’t wait to see what developers come up with.

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Sources: Google Glass learns how your friends dress, picks 'em out in a crowd; Engadget Google Glass app identifies you by your fashion sense; New Scientist

Yahoo! Orders Employees Into The Office

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, recently initiated a ban on employees working from home. In a bid to rouse the troops, she said,

We need to be one Yahoo!, and that starts with physically being together.

Unfortunately, instead of uniting her workforce, she managed to annoy a large chunk of it. Many enjoyed working from home as they felt more productive, others have children that require supervision through the day, and some just enjoy being able to work wearing jogging bottoms. Whatever the reasons, this change in policy is likely to cause unrest, rather than focus team efforts.

In a survey shared by Mashable, results revealed that 46% of homeworkers would not enjoy their work if they were forced into the office everyday, with 6% actually saying they would leave their job if that was the case!

What do you think? Do you work from home, would you like to, or do you concentrate more in the office?

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