We discussed the power of crowd funding before; how entrepreneurial and empowering it can be to have your idea funded by people that want to get their hands on a finished product. The problem is however, not all ideas are good ones.

While we're all for new products and innovation, there are some Kickstarters that might have been better left in the idea stage...

The Bendy Pen

This one reminded us of that anecdote about the space race in the 1960’s between the USA and Russia. The story goes that the US spent years and millions of dollars on developing a ballpoint pen that could work in space, as the ink wouldn't flow in zero-gravity. The Russians? They used a pencil.

Maybe we’re being cynical, but if your pen doesn't work while you’re lying on your back, wouldn't you just: A – Turn over or B – Use a pencil? Unless the pen did more than bend a bit, I'm not sure we’d consider spending over $25 on a novelty writing implement…


Coolest Cooler

The Coolest Cooler, while having a terrible name, also has one of the strangest selling points we've ever seen on a portable cooler box. This one comes with waterproof Bluetooth speakers and a USB device charger, so you can power up your phone while you’re at the beach or on a picnic. There’s also a blender, a bottle opener, cutting board, LED light… It’s something of a Swiss Army cooler.

Maybe we’re wrong. The Coolest Cooler is currently the second most funded product on Kickstarter of all time. At one point, it was the most funded – There are obviously some people who thought this was a good idea!


Potato Salad

You might have heard about one man’s campaign to crowd fund his lunch. Intended either as a simple prank, or to satirise the culture of crowd funding, raising over $55,000 you have to say he succeeded.

You may have already realised that it doesn't cost $55,000 to make a potato salad, so Zack “Danger” Brown put the excess cash to good use, throwing a potato salad-themed party named “Potato Stock”.


TARDIS in Space!

One of the more ambitious Kickstarters we’ve seen was the attempt to launch a police box into space à la the TARDIS from Doctor Who.

The campaign was a roaring success, raising $88,000 with a target of $33,000. However, as of January 2015 the organisers were still waiting for a launch date to send the box into orbit, making this TARDIS tardy.


Watermelon Holder

Finally! A solution to our watermelon transportation woes.

You know when you’re moving a watermelon from one place to another, but its chunky, spherical body is so difficult to carry that you end up dropping it and smashing it all over the floor? Wait, what do you mean that’s never happened to you!?

Look, you’ll just have to trust them on this one. No household is complete without its very own watermelon holder. Astonishingly, just 14 people backed this Kickstarter.