The mobile device world looks set to receive another shake up, as rumours surface that the iPhone 6 will be unveiled at an event on 9th September this year. Many are predicting that the iPhone 6 will feature some of the most radical changes an updates seen in Apple’s successful smartphone range for some time. Anticipation for a new Apple device is extremely high and according to TechCrunch is the most sought after iPhone ever.

There is no confirmation from Apple that the event scheduled on 9th September is in fact an iPhone launch event, however when previous iPhone launches are taken into account (September 10 - iPhone 5s and 5c, September 12 - iPhone 5) we could be getting a pretty good indication. But what can we expect from a new mobile device that will be so radically different from what is already on the market? Well, here are some of the rumours so far…


There is strong indication that the next generation of iPhone will be available in two sizes. The 5.5 inch and 4.7 inch lengths are widely quoted as being the sizes in which the iPhone 6 will be manufactured, which could see Apple conforming to other brands of smartphones.

Rumoured sizes of the iPhone 6 as shown on

Rumoured sizes of the iPhone 6 as shown on

Improved Processor

Indications are that the A7 chip in the iPhone 5s will be upgraded to an A8 chip which measures at 2.0GHz per core. In layman’s terms, users will see a noticeable improvement in the phone’s response time as well as graphics rendering.

iOS 8

The phone is likely to be released with an updated operating system. We could see iOS 8 make its debut on the iPhone 6, but we may also see it rolled out across other recent models too. Whether there are any hardware specific features integrated into the OS remains to be seen.

Sapphire Displays

The Gorilla Glass used in production of the iPhone screen could be replaced by sapphire glass, which will cut down the risk of scratched and cracked screens. Rather than 100% Sapphire, it has also been suggested that the screen could be a mix of Sapphire and glass, which would explain why it can still be scratched.

Aluminium Casing

Making the casing from a different material could improve the durability. Aluminium could replace glass in order to keep the phone light.

Improved Camera

After focusing on improving other areas of their hardware, Apple may finally plump to ramp up their photo capabilities as it’s suggested that the iPhone 6 could house a 13 megapixel camera.

What The Team Say

We asked the team what they thought about the rumoured changes, here’s what they said…


“Following WWDC, what I am looking forward to seeing the most is how Apple will tie the iPhone 6 in with the updates slated for iOS 8. Features such as Handoff and iCloud Drive have the potential to bring a new feeling of seamlessness across all Apple devices.

Apple have found a winning formula with the physical design of the hardware. But while we all love it and are familiar with it, I do think it would be exciting to see Apple be a bit bolder with the design and make some significant changes. What that could be I have absolutely no idea, but a bigger screen doesn’t really do it for me. I’ve never liked the thought of carrying around a phone that also doubles as a tablet”

-          Simon Henry, @simonjameshenry


"Updates inside an existing Apple product family don’t often see significant change but are often modular improvements so I'm not holding out for a completely radical redesign, but rather the additional features that could reasonably come from improved hardware. The top three I'd like to see are:

1.       The rumoured NFC (near field communication) capability coupled with the existing Passbook app which together would make a great replacement to a modern contactless debit/credit card.

2.       A significantly improved camera, the existing camera in the iPhone 5 and 5s are actually pretty good but if it were improved, perhaps with its own lens attachments, it could start to steal into the compact camera market further. (Just as long as it doesn't look like this.)

3.       Lastly, I would like to see a better battery life!"

- Jonathan Ford, @fordieis