Fast and reliable connectivity for businesses is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

There was a time when businesses had to pay through the nose for a quality internet connection for their whole organisation, but now, that’s no longer the case. Increasing competition and availability means that companies can take advantage of a better service for a lower cost. That doesn't necessarily mean that the cheap deals will be up to the standard of more comprehensive packages though. So while costs have been reduced, it’s important to think about the type of connectivity package that your workforce needs to operate effectively.

Here are some things to consider when choosing an internet package for your business…

Multiple Devices

Employees are no longer sat at their desks all day. More often than not, team members will be working across at least 2 or 3 devices throughout the day. These devices aren't simply being used for word processing and checking emails either.

Increased Bandwidth

It is now unavoidable to use high bandwidth programs across an organisation, which can cause an entire workplace to slow down. It is estimated that poor connectivity speed sees employee efficiency decrease by around a third. More and more remote conferencing is taking place over the internet, and while there is still a place for telecom solutions, the need for a high speed connection for video calling online is becoming increasingly prevalent. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to have a conversation through Skype, only for the connection to keep dropping. Having a fast and reliable connection installed saves time and helps your company maintain professionalism when talking to others outside of your company.

Data Transfer

Data transfer is becoming much more strenuous for networks too. Sending and receiving large files is the norm for many businesses, so having to wait for files to transfer can be a regular occurrence. Physical transfer of documents such as external hard drives or memory sticks are making way to file transfer websites or shared cloud storage systems. Being able to get the information as soon as it has been placed into a shared storage folder online is important to keeping a high level of productivity.

Data Backups

We have previously looked at how important it is for your company to back-up its data; if you can’t access this data when you need to, problems can arise. Network storage and networked backups need large data pipes. When multiple employees all trying to access big files at the same time, the process can slow down.

Things to Look Out For


A lot of providers offer high speed services, but these are often contended (especially upload speeds)  - meaning that your business will share that bandwidth with a number of other people. This can be an issue if, for instance, everyone using that bandwidth is running their Cloud backups at night. This results in everyone's internet being slowed down.

Static IPs

If you are hosting your website at your business, or have another web facing service such as webmail, ideally you will want a static IP address. By default, many internet packages come with a dynamic IP address, which changes every few weeks when the router is rebooted. If your business isn't on a static IP then your run the risk of disruption to your service. This is because you will need to update your DNS to point to the new IP address.

Fast and Reliable

BirchenallHowden provide fast and reliable internet connectivity for businesses. Often the temptation is to plump for one of the big name service providers, however there are benefits of opting for a local or smaller provider. More often than not, bespoke providers can beat the price quotes of the bigger names, and contract lengths are negotiable. That way, if you aren't satisfied with your service, you aren't locked into long term contracts. Our customer service is something we pride ourselves on too. If something goes wrong, there are no long, arduous processes to go through in order to speak to the support team.

If you would like more information on our Business Broadband Service, please get in touch! Prices start from just £29.95 per month, and with our fibre optic products you can obtain speeds of up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload. We only provide broadband to our business customer base, ensuring that the highest performance and response levels are maintained at all times.