Wondering what to buy the tech lover in your life? This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. Just our thoughts on the gadgets we think will be the biggest sellers this year, all for under £250.

Amazon Kindle; from £69

“It's the most affordable Kindle yet, but slightly faster than its predecessor, with the same long battery life. There's Wi-Fi for near-instant downloads from Amazon's vast book store, and enough memory to store 1,400 titles. If you're after a touchscreen model, the Kindle Touch costs £109.” PC Advisor


Amazon Kindle Fire; £129

“The best value entry level tablet available in the UK, giving you the benefits of the popular Amazon ecosystem for content including books, movies and apps all from a brand you know and trust. Although the design isn’t inspiring it does feel solid and well made.” NB


Google Nexus 7; £159

“Google and Asus have got just about everything right here, from the Nexus' gorgeous display to its slick Android Jelly Bean operating system. The tablet can also access thousands of apps in the Google Play store, and supports NFC. There's no rear camera, and no way to supplement the 8GB of storage. A new 32GB model costs £199 from Argos.” PC Advisor

Nexus 7

iPad Mini; £269

“By introducing the mini, Apple has created a new market segment.  As the premium 7 inch tablet it costs £100 more than some of its more basic competitors, but you are paying for more than just the Apple logo. Slim, beautiful and well made, it has a highly polished feel with the added benefit of the unrivalled Apple ecosystem for content and apps.” NB

iPad Mini

Nexus 4 (8GB ); £239

“This is more than just a great value smart phone. It is one of the most capable and cutting edge phones on the market. Running the latest version of the Google android operating system, you know it is always going to be first in line for the newest upgrades direct from Google as part of the Nexus family. While it may lack the polished finish of the iPhone 5, it matches the iPhone in screen resolution, power and features.” NB


iPod Touch; £249

“The latest iPod touch is as impressive as its price tag. It borrows a few features from the iPhone 5, notably the 4in screen. It's impossibly thin at 6.1mm and has a 5Mp camera with an LED flash. The touch runs iOS 6, so you get great features such as Flyover maps and, for the first time on a touch, Siri. If you can't afford an iPhone 5, it's the next best thing.” PC Advisor


Stocking Filler: E-volve Touchscreen Gloves; £13

“These one-size-fits-all gloves will keep your hands warm this winter, but won't prevent you using your smartphone or tablet's capacitive touchscreen. Thanks to conductive fibres woven into the fingertips, the E-volve gloves allow you to carry on playing Angry Birds without freezing off your digits.” PC Advisor