Last week we touched on the recent rise of Samsung as leading smartphone manufacturer, as sales of Apple’s iPhone were surpassed over the last year. However, Apple may yet have a trick up their sleeve as images are surfacing of the iPhone 5C. A new study also found that over 30% of Apple buyers’ previous phones were Samsung, while only 11% of Samsung customers’ previous models were Apple.  These figures may be misleading, as they don’t actually state how many units have been sold, but it gives an indication that a high percentage of Samsung smartphone owners make the make the switch to Apple.


Mass Appeal 

Rumours are rife that Apple will release a budget iPhone with plastic casing in an attempt to appeal to a wider market. The iPhone 5C could be unveiled as soon as September, alongside the iPhone 5S, providing both a top and mid/bottom end option for consumers looking to purchase Apple products. Mock ups have been created, depicting plastic casing in a variety of bright colours, leading some to conclude that the “C” stands for 'colour' or possibly even 'children' It's unlikely it will stand for 'cheap'!


Lowered Specifications?

Images of multi coloured, plastic components apparently made for the new Apple model have been circulating, and last week more pictures, this time of the actual handset compared alongside current models, were leaked online. Although having been hinted at in the past, a scaled back version of the iPhone has never been released. Meanwhile, manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC have produced lower priced and lower spec editions of popular models, meaning that people unable to afford or make use of high powered devices are catered for.


Entry Level

Rene Ritchie writing for thinks that the introduction of the iPhone 5C or a budget iPhone makes sense. He points out that the iPod Touch is the most affordable way to access apps and games available on the app store, but as the device becomes outdated, a replacement needs to take its place. The iPhone 5C could pose as an 'entry level' device, or perhaps the iPhone 4S could do the job too. It has been suggested that if a budget iPhone was to be released, the iPhone 4S would be scrapped altogether as Apple users are weaned onto the lightning charger from the 30-pin charger. Of course, this is all conjecture; the 'iPhone Lite' has been predicted year on year with no such product being released.

You’re In Charge

While we’re on the subject of chargers, we found this excellent little iPhone dock on Cult of Mac. It’s an iPhone station that charges whilst enabling easy use when texting, browsing or playing games.


Most other docking stations prop the phone upright, meaning if you want to use your phone for anything you either have to position your arm awkwardly or remove the phone from charge. The Saidoka rests the phone at an angle in a horizontal position so that operation of your device is much more natural and less cumbersome. We could certainly do with a charger like this for in the office. It could be the perfect companion for the new iPhone 5C!