For many years BirchenallHowden and the ASK4 Group have worked closely to provide services to many of our mutual customers and have over the past decade formed a very close working relationship.

We are therefore very pleased to announce that BirchenallHowden and ASK4 have now reached an agreement to permanently cement that relationship through a merger of BirchenallHowden with two subsidiary companies of the ASK4 Group - ASK4Business and ASK4Datacentres - to create a new business-services focused subsidiary of the ASK4 Group, which will be known as ASK4 Integrated Services.

The new subsidiary will build on the complementary strengths of the combined businesses; BirchenallHowden have a wealth of experience providing application support and managed services, but have historically partnered with ASK4 for networking and colocation services. ASK4 Business and ASK4 Datacentres provide outstanding networking and infrastructure services but have not provided desktop or application-level IT services or support. 

By bringing these three businesses together as ASK4 Integrated Services under the ASK4 Group, the new combined company will be able to offer a complete suite of IT services to existing and new customers, combining many services that clients may have previously needed to bring in from different providers.

Existing customers of BirchenallHowden will be broadly unaffected on a day-to-day level, and the company will continue to use the same phone number, email addresses and office as before - and agreements with supported customers will be totally unchanged. 

Crucially, there will be no change in the personnel at BHL, with Neill and Phil at the helm alongside the same team that our clients have come to know over the years.

If you have any questions at all then please do give us a call or email a member of our team, or for press enquiries please email Jess Glover  -  [email protected].

More details on the acquisition are available here.