Advancing technology will create more jobs than it destroys – if you`re fearing for your job when the robots take over, you can take a deep breath and relax.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is man's attempt to recreate the most complex object in the universe – the human brain. Currently there is no system or network that can match the human brain, no matter how sophisticated the system. The ultimate goal in the world of artificial intelligence is to create a system that can think for itself and learn, adapt and change, just like us.

Narrow Intelligence

We work with and come into contact with “narrow intelligence” on a daily basis when we use our smartphones, computers or even log on to Facebook. However, narrow intelligence works by focusing on perfecting one specific task. For instance, you can ask Siri for information and she will do that well, but if you ask her to play a game of chess with you she would struggle.

"The End of The Human Race"!

Last year Stephen Hawking, who uses narrow intelligence to communicate, told the BBC that AI could mean the end of the human race. Scary! (But don’t worry, that’s probably quite far off in the future)… There is a more immediate threat that AI poses to humans, and that is the increasing amount of machines and digital equipment being used in the workplace. Gary Marcus from New York University said: "Eventually I think most jobs will be replaced, like 75 percent, 80 percent of people are probably not going to work for a living".

Are You Safe?

If your job requires negotiation, helping and assisting others or being original and creative, you can relax. Chances are high your job is safe from automation and robots for quite a while. Jobs that require a high level of empathy or social intelligence hold significant advantage when facing the prospect of automation, as these are qualities harder to recreate using artificial intelligence. Those working in any number of professions that require caring for and working with people, from educational staff to nurses and therapists, are unlikely to see their jobs taken by robots any time soon. This quiz will tell you how likely it your job will be taken by robots. But as the results are being generated by artificial intelligence it’s hard to know how much we should trust them…

If you find artificial intelligence interesting (or if you’re terrified), you should head over to the BBC website. They have devoted an entire week to looking to AI and what it could mean for different aspects of society.