Are your bank details secure on your Apple device? We take a look at how to safe-guard your data when using Apple Pay…

For those of you out of the loop, Apple Pay is a contactless payment system, which allows you to pay at card readers using your iPhone or Apple Watch. You just need to hover your device over the payment reader and your payment will be taken in a matter of seconds. No fuss. More details on how to use Apple Pay can be found here.

One of the main worries that people have about using Apple Pay is whether their card details will be safe if their iPhone or watch is lost or stolen. Well fear not! We’ll walk you through how to make sure your details are secure, even after you have lost your device…

Safety First

To begin, let’s talk about how secure Apple Pay actually is:

  • Credit card details are not stored on your device, instead a device-specific number is provided which details are attached to and a cryptogram is generated per transaction.
  • To use the feature, users must use their fingerprint or have the Apple Watch attached to their wrist before payment can be taken. This means that only the registered user of the device can actually make payments. However, there are flaws with biometrics, so it’s worth remaining cautious.
  • You can also avoid the risk of your details leaking online by not jailbreaking your Apple devices. This makes them vulnerable and open to unknown threats.

If your device is stolen or lost, there are ways to retrieve it, or even remove your information so that hackers cannot access it included in the Apple service....

Enable “Find my iPhone”

By enabling this feature, you can see the last location of your iPhone before it ran out of charge. You can also share your location with family or friends, meaning that in the event of theft, you can track where your iPhone is from their device. Full instructions on how to enable Find my iPhone can be found here.  This feature is unfortunately not available with Apple Watch.

Remove Your Cards from Apple Pay

You can manually detach your bank cards from Apple Pay via Head to the website, enter the settings menu and select the missing device under the “My Devices” sub-menu. From here you should see the Apple Pay options. You can select “remove all” to disassociate all of your bank cards from the missing or stolen device. Once complete, nobody will be able to access your bank details via the device. You can also call your bank and have them remove your cards from Apple Pay. However, if you have numerous cards from different banks associated with the device this could take some time.

Apple Pay is designed to be simple and secure, and exists to keep your bank information even safer than if you were carrying around cards. With any new technology comes uncertainty, but you shouldn’t be apprehensive about trying contactless payment.