With the Apple Watch available for pre-order as of tomorrow morning, we gathered some opinions around the office on what watch they would get (and if they will be pre-ordering)...

Matthew Lollar - BirchenallHowden

Case: Space Black Stainless Steel

Band: Black Sport Band

Size: 42mm

Price: £519

"For me, I wouldn't buy an Apple Watch as a luxury item; it would be for the monitoring capabilities such as the heart rate monitor, the pedometer and the workout app. I play a lot of sport and so would choose the Watch based on what I'd be happy to wear at the gym, hence the sport band. While I don't plan on ordering one soon, but I may be swayed in the future."


Neill Birchenall - BirchenallHowden

Case: Stainless Steel

Band: White Sport Band

Size: 42mm

Price: £519

"I'll be pre-ordering tomorrow, having finally decided what style to go for. The watch body choice was always an obvious one - the stainless steel option gives you the Sapphire Crystal face, much stronger than the Ion-X Glass in the Watch Sport. I'm going for the sport band simply because it's cheaper; I'll think about getting a different band later but this is a way to spread the cost, with the bonus of ending up with two bands. However, I do wish that Apple had announced whether these bands will be compatible with the next generation Apple Watch or not."


Jonathan Ford - BirchenallHowden

Case: Stainless Steel

Band: Light Brown Leather Loop

Size: 42mm

Price: £599

"I've been keeping track of the Apple Watch announcements for a while and I'm pretty certain that I'll pre-order tomorrow. My choice is the stainless steel case with a brown leather strap. This loop strap is easy to take on and off, which is a useful feature considering it will need charging each night! I also simply like leather in general; I think it looks more professional. Something else to bear in mind is that the Watch Sport has the internals glued to its Aluminium case rather than screwed in, so with the stainless steel case comes the possibility of simply switching out the internals with those of a 2nd edition Watch."


Joe Tonks - BirchenallHowden

Case: Stainless Steel

Band: Milanese Loop

Size: 42mm

Price: £599

"One of my pet peeves is when a watch strap isn't tight enough and the watch slips on my wrist. This band combats that problem as I can have it as tight as I like, and the steel compliments the watch casing. It will be interesting to see how the Watch develops over time - while I'm not buying one any time soon I may consider it more seriously somewhere down the line."


Nathan Rona - BirchenallHowden

Case: Space Black Stainless Steel

Band: Black Leather Loop

Size: 42mm

Price: £599

"I'm not pre-ordering an Apple Watch tomorrow, but that's not to say I'd never get one. I prefer the leather strap to the metal options as it looks more classy, plus I find that metal isn't as comfortable. Like most of the others in the office, I'd also pick the stainless steel case for the benefit of the Sapphire Crystal - if you're going to spend so much money on a watch you don't want to risk getting a scratch on the face. I'll be interested to try on other peoples' Apple Watch, but for now I'm holding out on purchasing my own."


Jon Bollinger - Appt

Case: Space Grey Aluminium

Band: Black Sport Band

Size: 42mm

Price: £339

"I'm waiting for the Apple Watch 3rd Gen. Pre-ordering tomorrow is a bit like getting the first generation iPhone: there will be flaws and it will quickly be replaced by the next model. It wouldn't surprise me if the next Apple Watch comes out in a year or less. However, if I were to go for this first edition, I'd be getting a cheaper model with the view to go big a few generations down the line."


Anna Bollinger - Appt

Case: 18-Carat Yellow Gold

Band: Bright Red Leather Buckle

Size: 38mm

Price: £13,500

"At £13,500 I won't be pre-ordering this watch! However, if price wasn't a factor I'd definitely pick this style - I love the colour combination of the gold and red, and how elegant it looks. "


Aaron McClinchey - Appt

Case: Stainless Steel

Band: Milanese Loop

Size: 42mm

Price: £599

"I'm going to wait and see what the Apple Watch is like in 'real life' before I decide whether to get one. At the moment, I'm leaning towards the Milanese Loop as it has the adjustable loop clasp and I like metal watch bands. The stainless steel case is the obvious choice for its durability and aesthetics."


Jess Culbert - You Say Social

Case: Stainless Steel

Band: Midnight Blue Leather Buckle

Size: 38mm

Price: £649

"I'd choose a stainless steel case as I'd want a leather strap. With the dark blue leather, this watch looks classic and understated. I also don't think it screams "Look at me I'm wearing an Apple Watch!"


Phil Howden - BirchenallHowden

Case: 18-Carat Gold

Band: Black Classic Leather Buckle

Size: 42mm

Price: £12,000

The obvious choice for the modern-day businessman. 


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