Here is what has caught our eye in the last week...

Apple Patents

Last month Apple had a patent approved for an innovative new iPhone design with a curved continuous screen and the elimination of physical buttons. The device could possibly be made of glass with the screen 'wrapped' entirely around the body. The patent includes lots of new features such as facial recognition, 3D display, split screen viewing and technology to differentiate touch from actually holding the device. Although the patent is a recent, we are unlikely to see something like this in production any time soon.

As Tech Crunch points out, it isn't completely practical and an improved battery life would be needed to handle the 360 degrees display. It has also emerged that back in January Apple were denied the trademark for the iPad mini, as the patent office deemed that the name was 'merely descriptive', rather than a unique definition.

New iPhone Design

Internet Go Slow

The 'Biggest cyber-attack in history' took place last month, slowing down some internet services. As a result of a dispute involving spam eliminators Spamhaus, it’s been alleged that webhosting firm Cyberbunker have targeted Spamhaus servers, sending as much as 300Gbps worth of traffic their way in an attempt to leave them unreachable. In the counter attempt to restore order, some companies have offered their resources to Spamhaus to help to accommodate the enormous amount of traffic.

Speaking to the BBC, Cyber-security expert Prof Alan Woodward said:

If you imagine [the internet] as a motorway, attacks try and put enough traffic on there to clog up the on and off ramps. With this attack, there's so much traffic it's clogging up the motorway itself.

Previously the largest attack of this kind was 100Gbps, so at three times the size, this particular incident is the most severe by some way.

New Hardware by the End of 2013

A number of companies have revealed plans for big hardware releases for the end the year. Notable announcements came from Sony, who claimed the Playstation 4 could be out for Christmas and Google, with their… interesting… “Glass” headset. Apple’s iWatch is rumoured to be released around the end of the year too, to rival the launch of Google Glass.

Image courtesy of Tech Crunch

April Fools

While some of us read every article on April 1st with added skepticism, many were still left red faced by pesky press releases and naughty news reports. Even the biggest tech companies love to get involved in April Fools and among our favourites were Google’s 'Google Smell', said to allow users to 'go beyond type, talk, and touch for a new notation of sensation'. Through scratch and sniff, apparently you are able sample whiffs from an Aromabase of over 15M scentibites. That’s solid wordplay Google, but did you really think we’d fall for it?


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