Photo credit: Matthew Lollar

Photo credit: Matthew Lollar

Arriving back in Sheffield on Monday, the 4Challenge riders received a rapturous reception at Weston Park as friends, family and supporters gathered to welcome them home.

As sponsors of 4Challenge, BirchenallHowden were also represented in the riding team by Neill. We put some questions to Neill about 4Challenge and how it all went.

So, just how difficult was it?

“Days 1 and 2 of the challenge were as tough as expected, but I think most people’s focus was on Day 3. We all knew that would be the most challenging day before we set off due to the distance and the amount of climbing needed.

Day 3 actually proved to be much more difficult than we thought, too. Towards the end of the day, with the end in sight, one of the roads we were scheduled to ride on was closed when we got to it. This meant we had to take a diversion which added an extra 6 miles and 900 ft onto our journey. So with everyone’s energy levels at rock bottom, the rain coming down and cold winds to contend with, we had no choice but to push on. It’s worth noting that the diversion we took was through a place called Cragg Vale, home of “the largest continuous gradient in England”. The sign we passed didn’t do much to lift our spirits…”

What was the Best part of 4Challenge?

“We were split into teams, with my team being called Team Endurance. One of the most rewarding parts of the experience was seeing our team pull together in the face of adversity. On the last stretch of the journey, nobody was sure how many of us would finish – any one of us could have called it a day and put our bike in the van. Of course, the feeling of riding into Weston Park on Day 4 and seeing our friends and family cheering us on was amazing, but I have to say, managing to complete Day 3 alongside my teammates felt like the biggest achievement.”

Would you do it again?

"I would absolutely take the 4Challenge again; I already have my eye on some other cycling events in the future. And while it won’t be quite as gruelling, I’ve already signed up for the Sheffield Sky Ride this weekend. Though that one is only 4 miles long…!”

Photo credit: Matthew Lollar

Photo credit: Matthew Lollar

Including offline donations, this year’s 4 Challenge has managed to raise over £20,000 for Weston Park Cancer Charity and we hope the total will keep creeping higher.

Now you know what the riders went through, please consider making a donation. All donations (whatever the size) are very welcome and you can donate online here

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