the year in tech

Well, that’s it for another year. Plenty has happened over the last 12 months, especially in the tech world. We’ve seen new technology emerging, the decline of once prominent companies and a whiff of what’s to come in the future. This time last year we took a look at some predictions for the year in technology in 2013. Some of our tech predictions were a way off, but some were surprisingly close to the mark. We’re going to look back and see just how accurate these predictions were…

“Blackberry will be bought by IBM, Microsoft, or maybe even Yahoo.”

Not too far away this one. Earlier in the year Blackberry cut a large portion of its workforce, and eventually in August put itself up for sale following the failure of its Z10. Although Blackberry was once of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones, companies like Apple and Samsung managed to innovate and secure large chunks of the market while Blackberry floundered. After around 3 months of being up for sale, Blackberry announced they were withdrawing themselves and would continue to operate under a new CEO. Who knows - if they had waited a little longer they may indeed have been snapped up by one of the big companies.

“Microsoft will get into smart-phone hardware.”

Microsoft had previously expressed a desire to get into the smartphone market (which is probably why some expected them to buy Blackberry), so the acquisition of Nokia’s struggling smartphone division, although provoking a few eyebrow raises, wasn’t all that shocking. Microsoft will use this partnership to fully integrate their Windows Phone operating system into Nokia’s handsets. What’s more, ex-Nokia CEO Steven Elop is rumoured to be on the shortlist for the next Microsoft CEO. It seems a little obvious when you think about it.

“Apple to launch tailored “mini” iPhone in mid-2013.”

Spot on… sort of. Many predicted that Apple would provide a budget iPhone for those that weren’t looking for a high end device. The iPhone 5c was anticipated to be the solution to those that wanted an iPhone but didn’t want to spend big bucks to get one. The 5c wasn’t what was first expected though, and despite its plastic casing and reduced specifications (compared to the 5s) the phone sits as a mid-level phone with a comparatively high price tag. It was also predicted that the 5c would open the iPhone up to a new market, however sales have not been as successful as Apple would have hoped and production has reportedly slowed down. The iPhone 5s is doing a roaring trade though; you can see what we thought of them both here.

“Google’s first wearable computers, called Project Glass, will arrive and with them a range of new capabilities. You will control a user interface by turning your head or nodding slightly.”

This is almost correct, as Google have released Glass but only to selected developers, with a firm date on consumer release yet to be announced. The general public are yet to fully understand the capabilities of Google Glass, but that hasn’t stopped mass outrage at the intrusive and antisocial nature of the device. The part about turning or nodding gestures controlling the device is a little wide of the mark too. 

What's to come in 2014? I'm sure we'll have some suggestions in the New Year!


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