We have been taking a look at what's coming up in 2013 according to the good, the great and the geek. There is a lot of talk about tablet devices, Apple TV and the ‘mini’ iPhone. Got your own ideas? Disagree with what the 'experts' have to say? Add your own predictions and comments below. In no particular order...here are the highlights.

“Tablets will continue to erode the role of laptop PCs.” Walt Mossberg, All Things D

"2013 will be the year of crowdfunding for tech startups." Dan Blacharski, IT World

“We should be well along the path of high performance cloud-based computing.”Rob Enderle, TechNewsWorld

“At least two major data breaches, compromising consumer credit, will happen.” Michael Fertik, Business Insider

“Siri, and its Android equivalents, will catch fire in 2013.” Deccan Chronicle

“Microsoft will get into smart-phone hardware.” Tim and Ben Bajarin, Tech Time

“Facebook will change something major in its privacy code, led by the introduction of an all-new service that relies on such information, and millions will delete their profiles for good.” Brian Ries and Nina Strochlic; The Daily Beast

“Apple to launch tailored “mini” iPhone in mid-2013.”Eric Savitz, Forbes

"I predict that Blackberry is bought by IBM, Microsoft, or maybe even Yahoo." Jamal Khawaha, Enterprise CIO Forum

“The smart TV breaks through.” Brian Deagon, Investors.com

“Intel will make a major ARM play.” Steve Wildstrom, TabTimes

“Google's first wearable computers, called Project Glass, will arrive and with them a range of new capabilities. You will control a user interface by turning your head or nodding slightly.” Robert Scoble, Rackspace (via BBC)

“Samsung to invests in its own future.” Ben Barjarin, Tech.pinions