Onsite and cloud phone systems

BirchenallHowden provide both onsite and cloud telephony solutions, and are partnered with leading suppliers. Replacing older legacy systems can open up a huge range of new features and save money with less downtime and cheaper call rates. Having a system installed for the first time can increase productivity in a business through the introduction of new features to the workforce.

Please contact us for more details on the benefits of a BirchenallHowden solution over your current system, and the major differences between an Onsite and a Hosted Cloud set up.

Numbers, Lines and Minutes

BirchenallHowden can provide Gold and Platinum numbers and regional numbers for any part of the country (regardless of your location), as well as specialist 0844, 0871, 0800 or 0300 numbers and DDI ranges. In most cases, we can transfer numbers to a new system, or provide call number forwarding to ensure a smooth transition with little to no disruption.

For all services (broadband, phone systems, fax or alarm systems), we can provide the installation and rental of the line that all these services run on. We also offer line term agreements as short as 12 months giving you maximum flexibility.

We can also provide competitive call rates to clients who use our phone systems, and to those who are simply looking to save money on existing services from other suppliers. 

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