Status Feed

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COMPLETED – 15:36 – Office 365 Outage

All issues resolved.  If you are experiencing any ongoing issues with regards to Office 365 or Outlook connections, then please reboot your system and then call us if the problem persists.


UPDATE – 15:31 – Office 365 Outage

BirchenallHowden can see sessions reconnecting, and there should be no further issues with regards to Outlook connections, with delayed emails coming through.


UPDATE – 15:22 – Office 365 Outage

BirchenallHowden have been advised that the Microsoft servers have been rebooted and can expect clients to reconnect within the next 5-10 minutes.


NEW ISSUE - 18/02/2019 - 15:15 – Office 365 Outage

BirchenallHowden received a number of calls from clients, advising of a serious, national issue affecting some Office 365 users, with slow Outlook connection and emails being delayed.

Please keep returning to this page for further updates, which will be published here before client tickets are updated.